Weekend Recap: Our Mini Staycation

Mondays at Cookie Crumbs means Weekend Recap! In the latest installment I'm talking staycations and family time!

Thank goodness we had our mini staycation so I could be rested up for the week that followed! So per tradition, albeit late, Mondays at Cookie Crumbs is Weekend Recap Time!

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A Letter To My Fertile Loved One

Sharing what it's like to be a woman struggling with Infertility when surrounded by fertile loved ones.

I wanted to write you today because I heard you are expecting again. This news fills me with sadness, envy, jealousy, and joy, I promise, there is joy. Please know that I love you and in no way blame you for my pain and anguish. I fully recognize and own my issues around my Infertility. This letter is more for my own healing and in no way takes away from the joy I feel for you and the news that you’re expecting again.

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