Kindergarten Activity-Make Math Fun!

Looking for a fun math activity for your kindergarten aged child? This fun "phone" activity is fun and will help with counting, number recognition and memorization!

Don’t let Summer Break be an excuse to not encourage continued learning. If you have a Little who is getting ready to enter Kindergarten, or they already are and could use some practice with (1) Math: Number Sense and (2) Social Studies: Social Skills, then give this activity a try. Our daughter loved it and I think your Little Kindergartner will too!

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Dads: This Is What Mom Really Wants For Mother’s Day!

When it comes to Mother's Day you can leave the family breakfast at a restaurant and an extravagant family day. There are 3 things mom really wants. Read Now!

These three things are truly what moms really want for Mother’s Day. They might not seem special enough to you but I promise Dads, if you just listen to the woman in your life and do these things for her, she will feel more special and more pampered than any extravagant brunch out or meticulously planned day with the kids could make her feel.

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