Kindergarten Activity-Make Math Fun!

I have a confession, I’m at a loss when it comes to creating games for my daughter that will help her learn things like social studies and math.  I know that there are all sorts of things I can search for on Pinterest to help encourage my daughter’s learning skills but in all honesty, it’s overwhelming.  That’s why when Holly from asked me if I wanted to try out an activity with my daughter that would help encourage these skills I jumped at the opportunity.

Our Addie is going to be entering Kindergarten next Fall, be still my heart, and she’s very strong in many of the areas that she needs to be but her numbers do need some practice.  Math was not my strong suit in school so coming up with a way to make math and numbers fun is the last thing I relate with.  Addie and I did this activity together though and even I saw how fun learning numbers and math can be!

Don’t let Summer Break be an excuse to not encourage continued learning.  If you have a Little who is getting ready to enter Kindergarten, or they already are and could use some practice with (1) Math: Number Sense and (2) Social Studies: Social Skills, then give this activity a try.  Our daughter loved it and I think your Little Kindergartner will too!

Talk On The Phone!

In today’s digital age, kindergarten is not too young to teach a child to manage the telephone.  It’s a life skill, a social studies topic for kindergarten, and it’s also great ongoing math practice for learning those kindergarten numbers and letters.

When you teach a child to handle the telephone, there’s just one problem: you probably don’t want to “experiment” too freely!

Here’s a “phone” you can make with your kindergartner. Make a couple, and let him/her practice the most important numbers in your family’s life.

This learning activity is perfect for kindergarten aged children needing practice with numbers!

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What You Need:

  • Piece of card stock paper, in any color (I got this card stock.)
  • Pack of ¾” round stickers, any color (We used these.)
  • Pack of ¼” sticker “dots” in a different color (I used sticker dots we already had but these are great!)
  • Small post-its (I live for post-its)
  • Markers
  • Scissors

What You Do:

  1. Cut out a rectangular “phone” from your card stock. I traced my smartphone and had my daughter cut around the lines. (Great motor skills practice) Then help your child copy the key features of your phone screen: the screen at the top showing the number (on your phone, make this the size of a small post-it, about 1-3/4×2”, the on/off buttons, and then the area where the push buttons go.
  2. In the push button area, have your child stick on stickers for each number, 1-9 and 0, as they appear on your phone. Have him/her use their best writing to write the correct number on each sticker.
  3. Now use the post-its to explore dialing.  Write your family’s phone number on a post-it and stick it in the “screen” area.  Can your child dial it?  Have them practice until they can do it from memory, and then have them learn your cell phone number – and 911 of course, too.
  4. For added math practice, try this “mystery” game: get the dots out, along with a piece of plain paper.  Make a “phone number” by making a column of dots for each digit. Your child must count the dots to make the digit.  Then have them write it out on a piece of paper for added writing practice.  After counting seven columns, your child will have “created” the phone number.
  5. Now challenge your child to stump you. Have them make dot columns, and then see if you can guess the number correctly.

This learning activity is perfect for kindergarten aged children needing practice with numbers!

Play this mystery game with your kindergartner to encourage counting, number recognition and memorization!

What’s going on?
In kindergarten social studies, kids study key community services around them—firetruck guys, police, hospitals … and phone services. Meanwhile, in math, they’re learning how numbers represent real things. Activities like this phone game help make a kid’s world safe and understandable on many levels: they see firsthand how math is all around us, how numbers can add up to real life connections, and how, even at a very young age, they can start to manage and enjoy it all.

Let me know what you and your child thought of the activity!   Don’t forget to check out the other great games and activities over at!

Check out this fun Kindergarten Math Activity that encourages counting, number recognition and social skills!


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