Dads: This Is What Mom Really Wants For Mother’s Day!

Dads!  These are the only 3 things mom wants on Mother's Day.  Read Now before it's too late!

Mother’s Day, the day to honor, praise and pamper the woman in your life that you call mom.  Or to moms, also known as, the day we are forced to dress up, go to an overcrowded restaurant and pretend that we don’t care that all of the chores at home will be ignored and waiting for us the next day.  All because our family loves and honors us so much.  Let’s have a real talk dads, about what the woman in your life really wants from you and your beautiful children on Mother’s Day.  These are in no particular order but all of equal importance.

  • We don’t want to get dressed up or dressed.   We understand that you feel like you are doing us a huge favor by getting us out of the house and treating us to a breakfast that we didn’t have to cook.  On any other day, that would be happily welcomed, but not on Mother’s Day.  This is because on Mother’s Day every husband and child has the same idea.  Every mom, however, realizes that she will have to paste on a smile and pretend like she’s looking forward to having to rise early, put on nice clothes that make her uncomfortable, put on makeup and do her hair.  We then have to hope that we got ourselves and the kids ready (because clearly, we’re the only ones capable of getting the kids ready) fast enough to arrive at the chosen restaurant before the hoards of other families.  We then are forced to entertain the tiny humans who are honoring us with this breakfast while trying not to spill our mimosa and breakfast all over our pretty outfits.  It’s the opposite of relaxing and lovely.
    • Do yourselves a favor dads and barricade all access to our bedroom from the tiny humans and let us sleep uninterrupted.  When we finally rise please insert a hot cup of coffee, just the way we like it into our hands and then tell us to go back to bed while you make us breakfast.  Then bring us breakfast in bed and let us eat it alone.  This is the one time of year we can demand that we be allowed to eat a meal and drink our coffee without our tiny humans demanding that we bring them a glass of milk or make them something else because they don’t like what we made them the first time.  Allow us to eat our breakfast and drink our hot coffee from our beds while enjoying the comfort of our yoga pants and oversized t-shirts.
  • Do all of the chores we do on a daily basis, without complaining.  We love that you want to give us a day for ourselves and we’ll gladly take it.  Here’s the thing though, in order for our lovely and relaxing day to ourselves to not be ruined we, as moms, need to know that the house won’t be left a lovely disaster zone because we took the day off.  Instead, please make sure you clean the house, pick up after the kids, cook the meals, clean the house again and do all of the laundry for us so that we don’t wake up the next day with twice the amount of work.  Oh, and don’t forget to make sure the kids have a bath before bedtime, they have school the next day.  Do this and we will boast about how amazing you are to all of our friends and all over social media so the world also knows how awesome you are. 😉
  • Let us do what we want, even if that’s nothing at all.  We love being Mom and we love you but we’re usually the last one to be taken care of.  Mother’s Day is our free pass to do and get whatever we want so let us choose what our day looks like and then allow us to have it.  Whether that is staying in our yoga pants and grungy t-shirt all day watching Netflix marathons, going to the spa or asking you to take the kids out of the house for the day so we can pamper ourselves.

These three things are truly what moms really want for Mother’s Day.  They might not seem special enough to you but I promise Dads, if you just listen to the woman in your life and do these things for her, she will feel more special and more pampered than any extravagant brunch out or meticulously planned day with the kids could make her feel.

Dad's pay attention!  These 3 things are all mom wants for Mother's Day. Read Now before it's too late!

To the woman in your life who gives and gives to her children and her family all she really wants is some quiet, some sleep and to have someone else pick up the slack for just one day.  That’s all we ask, we promise we will wake up Monday morning and resume our beautiful, hectic and sometimes exhausting lives as moms without complaint.

Honestly, we couldn’t imagine having our lives any other way but for this one day, let us remember and be that woman we were before we became Mom.  Let us be lazy and selfish because, on the other 364 days of the year, we feel guilty about missing that woman.

If you really want to get the mom in your life something to unwrap for her special day then skip the coffee mug and try one of these amazing gifts!  All are sure to make mom feel pampered, relaxed and energized.  Gain access to these amazing items and so much more for mom NOW!

Struggling with what to get Mom this Mother's Day? How about the gift of luxury and relaxation from the comfort of home.

Moms, what does your dream Mother’s Day look like?  Share in the comments below and then go tell the Dads in your life, so they can give it to you.

Happy Mother’s Day from one exhausted mama to another!

Dads, these three things are all mom wants for Mother's Day! Read Now before it's too late!



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