Want Chocolate Without Derailing Your Healthy Diet? Try This!

You can have your chocolate and eat it too!  I've got a great healthy option for you! Read On!

I am a chocolate addict.  Give it to me in a candy bar, cake, hot cocoa, drizzled on ice cream…  Do I need to keep going? What I’ve found I don’t love though is the sugar crash and the processed sugar and soy that’s found in most of these yummy treats.  A year and a half ago my family and I switched to a mostly all-natural lifestyle.  That switch meant no more artificial sugars, no soy, and less dairy.  You’d think that would mean goodbye for good to my beloved chocolate.  I’m here to tell you, that you can have your chocolate and eat it too!

This chocolate snack bar will become your special mommy treat that you don't want to share with anyone else! Read Now!

This chocolate treat saved my sweet tooth and left out all of the bad stuff.  I am addicted to these bars you guys and I selfishly don’t share them with anyone else in my house.  They are mommy’s special treat, so it’s hands off for everyone else. What I love the most about these chocolaty treats, aside from its chocolaty deliciousness, is how healthy they are for me.

The name alone says healthy, SELECT Snack Bar.  The description reads

SELECT Simply Fit Bars are bursting with guilt-free ingredients like dates, almonds, pea protein, organic brown rice protein, quinoa, millet, Chia and flaxseed, plus dark chocolate, toasted coconut, fruit powders and organic stevie extract.

Being conscious of what we put in and on our bodies is so important. Learn how to easily make the switch to all-natural living!

There are only a couple of chocolate treats that I’ve found that really taste like chocolate to me and that don’t include all of the bad for you stuff and these snack bars are one of them.  You will want to keep these for yourself just like I do.  You know the hidden spot all mommies have for their treats, you know you have one, well these need to go in that hidden spot.  Trust me, if you let the secret out you won’t be able to keep your family from devouring them!

I'm here to tell you, that you can eat your chocolate and be healthy too! I've found a great chocolate treat that won't derail your diet! Read Now!

Where Did You Get These?

I’m glad you asked.   As you know,  eating healthy and organically isn’t always economical.   As a family on a budget, I’m always looking for ways to keep the grocery and household items budget on track without making us feel like we’re scraping the bottom of the barrel at the end of the month.    I have my favorite grocery spots.  Aldi’s is amazing for my perishables and has a great line of organic and gluten and dairy- free items.  For everything else,  I shop online.

If you’re like me,  you dread trips to the store with the kids and shopping online also keeps me from deciding that I need to purchase one (okay two)  of everything in the Dollar Spot at Target.  Sam’s Club is great but I also tend to overspend when I’m in there.   Basically, Me + Inside the Store = Overspending.  Sound familiar?  So I went on the prowl for an easy way to get my shopping done without having to set foot in a store, at least not unless absolutely necessary.  Added bonus, I get giddy excited when I see a delivery of anything I’ve ordered sitting at my doorstep.  Can you relate?

In my search for an online shop that offers all-natural and non-toxic products, I stumbled upon this amazing online wellness shopping club.   Think, Sam’s Club and Costco, the online version for wellness.  This place is amazing.  I can easily stock my house with not only my favorite chocolaty treats but also some of my favorite non-toxic household cleaning items, plus so much more, but that’s a post for another day.  I’m telling you, once you switch to this wellness club and this way of shopping, you won’t go back!

Now I go into the store as little as possible, saving my sanity and my wallet.  Instead of dragging my daughter in and out of multiple stores, just to have her stamina and my patience wear thin 2 stores in I can quickly and easily shop from the comfort of my couch while watching reruns of Fixer Upper.  Plus, now that I’m not going to a physical store as much I’m eliminating the temptation to purchase things that are not on my list and really not necessary.  This has been a huge Mom Saver for me and from one mom to another, I think we can all use as many of those as possible.

Non-toxic living starts with what you put in your body. Who says it can't be delicious too? Read On!


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