Weekend Recap: Three Things I Learned About Planning A Kid’s Party

Happy Monday Lovelies!  Okay, so I have to tell you that I’m beat!  This past week was our daughter’s 5th birthday and we did a lot of celebrating.  I took her for her first mani/pedi, she celebrated at school and this past Sunday we threw her, her first real birthday party.  She was so excited and had so much fun, but this mama is exhausted!  I did learn some things though and in this week’s Weekend Recap, I’m going to share the 3 biggest things I learned.

Read these three tips before you plan you kid's next birthday party!

Three Things I Learned About Planning A Kid’s Party

  1. Only plan a two-hour party.  You guys, you will feed this mass of little beings sugar, and lots of it because you know you’ll be sending them home.  Do yourself a favor and only plan the party for 2 hours.  Two hours is officially when the sugar kicks into full gear and they go from adorable little children to maniac spawn.  I’m just saying.
  2. Make sure there is an elementary teacher present. Okay, I know this probably isn’t a possibility for everyone (Thank the Mom God’s that I have an elementary school music teacher for a sister-in-law) but what I mean, is make sure you have someone who can help you control the chaos.  This person is calm, organized and is totally un-phased by all the talking, running and mayhem.  My sister-in-law was so amazing and helped me keep the kids moving from one activity to another and helped me wrangle them in when the sugar started to take over.  This is especially key if you are not a particularly patient person, or an Introvert, or both, like me. 😉
  3. Have plenty of games and crafts.  For my daughter’s party, she wanted a pinata so we got her one.  Which, btw, those things aren’t easy to break.  It took 7 minutes, one broken pinata stick and my husband to finally break that thing.  The kids had a blast, though!  I also provided a craft for the kids which was key to keeping them sitting nicely at the beginning of the party, while we waited for everyone to arrive.  I then had 3 other games for the kids to choose from.  They mostly stuck with the one where they got to use their bodies and twist around, so if you have a game that allows them to run and play, definitely do that.

Bonus Tip:  HAVE FUN!!!    You don’t want to look back at your child’s party and realize you hated every minute.  I was exhausted by the end of it but I had a lot of fun and the kids were actually pretty awesome.  Oh, and take lots of pictures of your child’s face.  The joy is priceless.

What tips do you have for throwing a kids party?  Let me know in the comments below!  Have a great week Lovelies!

These 3 tips are key to having a successful kids birthday party.

These tips will help ensure that you throw a stress-free and fun kids birthday party. Check them out!

These tips will help you throw a stress-free and fun birthday party for your child.

You need to read these three tips before you throw your child's next birthday party!

These three tips will ensure that you throw a fun and stress-free birthday party for your child.





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