Weekend Recap: Valentine’s Day Weekend

Happy Monday Lovelies!  I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.  Our weekend found us celebrating a couple of friend’s 10th wedding anniversary, Matt and I had our Valentine’s Date In and there was lots of family time on Sunday.  Monday means Weekend Recap Time!

It was Valentine's Day Weekend and we were spreading the love! Read about what we were up to!

Friday night we, along with a couple of friends and a group of acquaintances got together to celebrate the 10th wedding anniversary of a couple we all know.  I have to admit I was a bit tired and haven’t actually gone out for a late evening in quite a while so I was not totally up for the celebration. lol  The evening wound up being very fun though and it was nice to get out for an evening as a couple of adults.  I sure was tired the next morning, though.

Since Addie unexpectedly got Pink Eye on Friday our change in babysitting plans meant we didn’t want to ask my mom to watch Addie two days in a row.  So, our originally planned trip out just Matt and me to prepare for our Valentine’s Date turned into a family morning out. Aldis supplied the majority of our date night goodies, even a delicious wine!  We also got some fun goodies at the Target dollar section.  Who else can’t stay away from that area?!

Matt and I shared a quiet date in for our Valentine's Day Weekend and it couldn't have been more perfect!

Matt and I enjoyed a wonderful date in for Valentine's Weekend. We had an abundance of yummy food and some great wine. Check it out!

*This post contains affiliate links.  By purchasing an item through one of these links it may result in a commission to me.  As always, all opinions are 100% my own.

For a while now we’ve been struggling with how to get our morning and bedtime routines with Addie to run a bit smoother.   When we found this great magnetic dry erase board at Target I knew just what I wanted to do.  When we got home Matt, Addie and I sat down and put together a list of each item Addie needs to complete in the morning before school and before bed each evening.  Addie was so excited and was very into helping me draw the lines and list off the items she needs to complete during each routine.  She even instructed my husband to add bath time to her bedtime routine after she realized we missed listing it.

We found this awesome magnetic dry erase board from Target this past weekend and it was just what we needed to set up a Morning/Bedtime Routine Chart for Addie! On the blog I'm sharing my strategy to make mornings and bedtime much easier with our 4 year old.

It’s too early to say how effective our little routine chart will be but Addie seemed to be very excited about marking each item as she completed them and our Monday morning went pretty smoothly.  She also very much liked the cork-board strips at the top and bottom of the board.  We told her they were just for her to decorate and use as she wished and she didn’t waste any time.  I’ll keep you posted on how my chart idea pans out.

Saturday night, after Addie went to bed Matt and I enjoyed our Valentine’s Date In.  We snuggled up with a glass of wine and these goodies and watched Jurassic World. (HAHA) I was totally fine with it, though.  I love a good romantic movie but there wasn’t one that I was particularly into and I’m a little obsessed with the Jurassic Park movies.  Even though it wasn’t a night out at a fancy restaurant all dressed up, this date was much more our style and I have to admit, I was still pretty exhausted from the night before so I don’t know if I could have handled a full night out. lol

The hubs and I shared this delicious meat and cheese board and some wine for our cozy Valentine's Date In. Read about how we prepared and what else we were up to this past weekend!

Dessert is my favorite part of the meal! For our special Valentine's Date In we made sure to have some sweet treats!

Last year Matt started a tradition with Addie where they would have a special daddy/daughter Valentine’s breakfast or brunch.  Since we are on a budget we decided that their special daddy/daughter date would be spent at home this year.  I made heart pancakes with these great cookie cutters and we got some festive donuts from Dunkin Donuts while we were out the day before.  It wasn’t quite the same as getting dressed up and going out but they were both very excited about it and who can turn down heart pancakes and donuts!  The point isn’t about going out somewhere, though, it’s giving Matt and Addie something that is just theirs for Valentine’s Day.  I loved being able to watch from a distance this year. 🙂

These two have the sweetest bond. For Valentine's Day they have a special tradition of having a daddy/daughter date. One the blog I'm telling you all about this years special time.

My husband and daughter share a special tradition each Valentine's Day so this past weekend they celebrated Valentine's Day together in a special way.

Last year my husband and daughter started a special Valentine's Day tradition so this past weekend they celebrated Valentine's Day together. Read the full post on the tradition and what else we were up to this past weekend!

The rest of Sunday was spent enjoying the sunshine and semi-mild temperatures.  I got caught up on the normal, never ending pile of laundry and chores and we all got a nice family day in.  I also found this absolutely delicious recipe for steak sandwiches that I am obsessed with.  It calls for being topped with red onion jam and you guys I don’t like onions and I couldn’t get enough of these sandwiches.  Check it out!  It was just what I needed and I couldn’t imagine spending my Valentine’s Weekend any other way.

This crazy girl was so excited to enjoy some sunshine and fresh air after being cooped up in the house for too long this past week. It's Weekend Recap time and I'm sharing how we spent our Valentine's Day Weekend.

These steak sandwiches topped with red onion jam was beyond delicious. Check out my latest post for our entire weekend festivities and the recipe for these awesome sandwiches!


How was your Valentine’s Weekend?  What special plans did you guys have this weekend or have planned for Valentine’s Day?  Let me know in the comments below!  Happy Monday Lovelies!

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This past weekend we got to enjoy some much needed sunshine and fresh air. Read the full post to find out how we celebrated the Valentine's Day Weekend as well!




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3 thoughts on “Weekend Recap: Valentine’s Day Weekend

  1. Heart Pancakes, cheese, wine and steak sandwiches??? Sounds like a great weekend to me!! Glad you guys enjoyed it (instead of going out and spending $! Glad you’re sticking to your budget- we’re trying hard over here, too). As far as the chore chart- it’s a great idea!! My kids love ours, when they get back into the swing of it. They go off and on with the chart. That’s another thing we’re trying hard at over here. LOL

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    1. Yes, sticking to the budget! We’re finding now that our daughter is requesting more activities with us (she wants us all to take a bike ride, or we have “movie theatre” nights at home). It’s showing me at least that it definitely doesn’t have to be about the money spent. Our daughter loves the chart but we’re only one week in. lol


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