A Quick Thank You

I wanted to write a quick thank you to Elizabeth at The Comfortable Coop for including Cookie Crumbs in her list of “Blogs You Should Check Out”.  I was introduced to Elizabeth early in my blogging journey and she has been wonderful.  Please check out her latest post where she shares not only Cookie Crumbs but some other wonderful blogs as well.  Don’t forget to check out her 2 previous posts about blogs you should check out!

P.S. I just made her Steak Sandwiches with Red Onion Jam and it was DELICIOUS!  I highly recommend checking out her recipes while you’re there.


I’ve really enjoyed putting the lists of Blogs You Should Check Out together. But I have discovered two problems with doing the lists. First, I have such a hard time restricting myself to only 10 blogs per list. I just love all the blogs I’ve listed and still have to list! Second, I go to […]

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I'm a mom who is sharing her passion for toxin-free living with the world. I am building a home based business that focuses on toxin-free living and educating moms on how to make the transition easily and effortlessly to this lifestyle. Let me help you take that first step!

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