Weekend Recap: Sleepovers and Sunshine

Happy Monday Lovelies! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Did you watch the Big Game? We did not. We’ve never been huge pro-football watchers but give me a college football game any day. Go Hawkeyes! Let me know in the comments below if you watched and who you were rooting for. So if you’ve been with me for a while you know that Mondays are Weekend Recap time! So without further ado.

Weekend Recap: Sleepovers and Sunshine

Mondays at Cookie Crumbs is Weekend Recap time! This past weekend was all about sleepovers and lots of sunshine. Go take a look!

I must first mention the sunshine that we finally got in what seems like ages. I truly have never been so happy to see blue skies and the sunshine on a cold Winters day. Okay, I probably shouldn’t say never, I’m pretty sure I say that every February but man was I happy to see the sun again. You could tell that everyone else felt the same way too because there was a very evident mood switch in our household and with the people I interacted with at my job. If you’ve ever worked in Customer Service you know what a big deal that is. It was even warm enough for my daughter and me to take a bike ride/walk together. This was something she insisted on Sunday afternoon. Poor kid has been so stir-crazy and I didn’t hate stretching my legs and getting some fresh air.

Mondays at Cookie Crumbs is Weekend Recap time! This past weekend was all about sleepovers and sunshine! Go take a look!

Friday night we watched my niece and 6-month old nephew. Our daughter was beyond excited to have her cousin stay the night. I’ll tell you what, though, you don’t realize how quickly you forget what it’s like to care for an infant until you have to do it again. lol. Luckily my mom and I took a divide and conquer approach and she wound up getting up with the baby all night. That was not my choice, by the way, she just seemed to think it was ridiculous that he was going to sleep in a pack n’ play all night. lol

Mondays at Cookie Crumbs is Weekend Recap time. This past weekend our daughter had a sleepover with her cousin and she had a blast. Read the full post now!

P.S. if you haven’t read my post, “My Dirty Little Secret”, check it out because it explains why my mother would have been in the sleepover equation at all.

Saturday I woke pretty tired but I attributed it to staying up later with my nephew and waking each time he cried (the mom hearing is a powerful thing. ) Our morning was pretty free of too much drama and my daughter and niece played mostly happily until my brother came to pick the kids up.  It wouldn’t be a true sleepover if there weren’t at least one or two meltdowns from one or both of the 4 year olds, right? lol I was so tired after they left that I happily set up my daughter’s indoor tent and laid down to watch a movie with her.

As soon as the hubs returned home from work I crawled into bed and slept for 4 hours. This is pretty abnormal for me. I mean I’m often tired, I’m a mom but I just couldn’t keep my eyes open so I slept. When I woke Sunday morning with a cough, a weird feeling in my chest and a husky voice it was pretty clear why I had been so tired the day before. My daughter’s virus finally got a hold of me.

Do you ever wake up sick and think, “I don’t have time for this, I’ve got stuff to do.” lol. I still had a pile of laundry to get through and groceries to buy (my family had been giving me the evil eye because our house was pretty bare lol) My husband came along for the grocery shopping so we were able to make quick work of it and we had a pretty nice morning out as a family so that made a mundane trip pretty nice.

Mondays at Cookie Crumbs is Weekend Recap time! This past weekend my daughter and I went a little crazy at Target's dollar section and got some great stuff for Valentine crafts. Check out what we made!

My daughter and I went crazy in the dollar section of Target and we laid our bounty out on the table and started some Valentine’s gifts after all of the groceries were put away. We couldn’t wait to put together these Love Notes jars that I found from Bottle and Blush. We made one each for Addie’s Mema and Poppy who live in NY. Addie is so excited to give them their jars. We made it extra special by having Addie write why she loved each of them. Since she’s just learning to write it makes the gift a bit more special. Really the cutest Valentine’s gift. Go check out the post!

By the time we were done with those we were both a bit tired but Addie was dying to get outside so we went out for a short bike ride/walk. Since I wasn’t feeling the greatest and it started to get pretty chilly once the sun started setting we were only out for about 20 minutes but it was all we needed. It was early to bed for Addie and Mommy Sunday night but we had a great weekend full of family, fun, and lots of sunshine.

What were you guys up to this weekend? Leave me a comment below to let me know! Have a great week Lovelies!

Mondays at Cookie Crumbs is Weekend Recap time. This past weekend we had a sleepover and enjoyed an abundance of much missed sunshine. Read the full recap on the blog!


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