Share A Delicious And Cozy Valentine’s Date On A Budget

Oh, February, the month of Love.  I don’t know about you but my thoughts, as February was approaching were filled with valentine’s, sweet messages and what Matt and I were going to be doing to celebrate.  I’m not one of those people that subscribe to the idea that there has to be some grand gesture to prove your love to your significant other.  I do love a good excuse to get a little dressed up and share a special meal with my hubby, though.  I always remember Valentine’s Day with fondness because one of the first Valentine’s Days that Matt and I spent together he not only got me flowers but he also bought a single rose for each of my sorority sisters.  So romantic, I know. 😉  So when Valentine’s Day rolls around we like to make it special.  This year we are being a lot more conscious about how we’re spending our money, though.  That’s when we came up with this sweet idea for a date this year.

Share A Delicious And Cozy Valentine’s Date On A Budget

Spend Valentine's Day focusing on your Sweetheart and not on the restuarant bill. On the blog I'm sharing how we're celebrating Valentine's Day on a budget!

Matt and I would love to get dressed up and go out to a nice restaurant.  We also would love to move into our own house.  Matt and I didn’t want to sacrifice our special Valentine’s night, though.  So we found a way to still save money for a house and get our special night, we just had to adjust the specifics a bit.  Matt and I LOVE wine and cheese.  Do two things go together any better?  That’s when we came up with the idea of a date night in with a bottle of wine and a meat and cheese board.

In order to take our date out of the house for a little while we will leave Addie with my mom, we’ll make ourselves some coffee and head to the grocery store to browse and supply our meat and cheese board.  This way we still feel like we’re getting away without spending a lot of money going to an expensive restaurant.  We get our alone time to talk, be silly and just be together as a married couple.

Now I know that we could very easily spend just as much money on the meat and cheese board as we would a fancy dinner out so this is where the money saving methods come into play.  I’ve spoken before about how much Aldi’s has changed since I was a kid.  Aldi’s now has quite a nice selection of meats and cheeses at a fraction of the cost of a deli or a chain grocery store so we will be purchasing most of our supplies there to cut costs.  We will likely be able to get most, if not all of our meats, cheeses, fruits and olives at Aldi’s.  That alone will save us so much.

You, of course, have to have a selection of bread and crackers.  I’m a sucker for crusty bread with a soft, chewy middle.  So here we will likely spend just a little bit more and go to a favorite bakery of ours to get one small loaf to share and a couple of cupcakes for dessert.  The crackers we can get from Aldi’s as well. Then there is the wine.  I certainly don’t turn down an expensive glass of wine if offered to me but I don’t need to buy expensive wine.  Matt and I have our favorites so we will pick one bottle of wine (one glass will likely be enough for me) and that will serve as our wine for our meat and cheese board.

After we return from our grocery trip/date out we will spend the rest of the day with our daughter, just being a family.  We won’t actually have our Valentine’s Date until after she goes to bed.  This helps to extend our “date” by spending the time together shopping for our goodies and then coming together again after our daughter is in bed.  If you are not lucky enough to have family readily available to baby-sit you can always make the trip to the grocery store a fun family event and let your child(ren) help you guys pick out the goodies for your date.

Share Valentine's Day with your Sweetheart enjoying each others company, not worrying about the bill. On the blog I'm sharing how we're spending a cozy Valentine's Date together, on a buget!

Once our daughter has gone to bed Matt and I can get ready for our date.  How fancy or casual you get with this is completely up to you.  If you want to have a formal dinner at your dining table and get all done up then go for it!  This is your date night, have fun with it.  I still want to feel like it’s not just like any other night that we plop on the couch in our yoga pants and sweats but I also don’t want to get super dressed up.  We’re going to go for a happy medium.

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I never really like putting a lot of make-up on and in order for us to have time to actually have our date, I don’t want to be spending a lot of time on my make-up.  I have my go-to beauty routine that literally takes me 10 minutes.  Since I’ll really only add eye shadow to the mix it shouldn’t take any longer than that to get myself ready for our date.  Since my family began living a mostly all-natural lifestyle about a year ago I had to replace all of my make-up products for less toxic versions.  The Nyx Cosmetics and Physicians Formula Make-Up lines have become my go-to for chemical and cruelty-free beauty products.

I'm a busy mom so my beauty routine needs to be pretty simple, even when preparing for a Valentine's Date. I just need a few staples and 10 minutes. Check out my entire routine on the blog!

I absolutely love my Nyx BB Cream to smooth out my skin tone and moisturize my skin a little.  I brighten my pale cheeks up with Physicians Formula Mineral Glow Pearls Blush in Rose Pearl.  It gives me just enough color to brighten my face.  Since my eyes have always been my favorite feature I make sure to hide my tired mom eyes with Nyx Dark Circle concealer and then play up my eyes with liquid liner (I’m a sucker for a cat eye) and some mascara.  Purple has always made my brown eyes pop so I’ll add a bit of purple eyeshadow to give me that little extra something for our special night.  Finish it all up with a neutral lip color and done.  This routine has not failed me yet in the time-saving and feeling beautiful department.

My beauty routine is pretty simple, even when getting ready for Valentine's Day. On the blog I'm talking all about my quick and easy beauty look for Valentine's Day.

I'm a sucker for eyeliner, especially when getting ready for a special Valentine's Date with the hubby. On the blog I'm telling you all about my quick and easy beauty routine. Go check it out!

Do you want to know my quick and easy beauty routine just in time for Valentine's Day? I'm sharing it all on Cookie Crumbs. Check It Out!

Matt and I love watching movies together but very rarely do so anymore just because one or both of us is usually too tired to make it through anything past a favorite show.  For our special Valentine’s Date, though we’ll pick out a free movie on Netflix or Amazon Video, set up a nice little picnic style area on the floor and enjoy our movie with our meat and cheese board and wine.  There are so many movie options on Netflix and Amazon Video that we are always able to find something we want to see.  I can’t wait to curl up with Matt and enjoy our special night in together.

What are you guys doing for Valentine’s Day?  Share your plans in the comments below and let us know if you have any fun budget savvy date ideas!

Valentine's Day should be about spending quality time with your Sweetheart, not worrying about the bill. On the blog I'm sharing a great Valentine's Date on a budget!




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13 thoughts on “Share A Delicious And Cozy Valentine’s Date On A Budget

  1. How sweet and romantic. I believe in Valentine’s Day but my husband doesn’t. So I buy heart shaped balloons and he pours me some wine when the baby sleep and we watch a romantic comedy. Oh and he mostly buys me a very grand gift before or after valentine’s day and claims it’s ” just a present” not a valentine’s day present 😬

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  2. That sounds lovely. I am not sure what my husband and I will be doing, but it will most likely consist of making dinner at home and having some wine on the porch when our daughter and son are in bed lol

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  3. Very cute! It really is nice to have some time alone together- even if it is only at the grocery store! The makeup looked pretty, too! We are doing Valentine’s Day in two parts this year- we’re going to an acrobat performance and then we’re doing a 5k the weekend after. Neither one are on Valentine’s Day, but just the fact that we are getting some alone time together is amazing!! Happy Valentine’s Day!!

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