Weekend Recap: Dreary Skies, Baby Snuggles, And Bittersweet Moments.

Happy Monday Lovelies!  I hope you all had a beautiful weekend.  The weather had teased at being somewhat warm and slightly sunny but we never saw any of that.  Instead, we saw dangerously foggy mornings, drizzle and rain and cool temps.  That was disappointing but we still managed to have a pleasant weekend.

Weekend Recap: Dreary Skies and Baby Snuggles

After a dismal week I was looking forward to the weekend because they had promised at least one mild temperature day with sunshine.  I know it’s still Winter but if the weather man is going to get my hopes up and warm weather and sunshine I’d like it to be delivered, am I right?  Then I saw all of these wonderful mamas enjoying mild weather and sunshine and it made me yearn for it even more.  Does anyone else find January and February so hard to get through?

This weekend was full of dreary skies but we didn't let that get us down.  Check out the lastest Weekend Recap for full details!

Alas, the mild weather and sun did not arrive.  We made the most of it on Saturday though and declared it a pajama day.  I must confess I usually declare one day of every weekend pajama day but there is just something about a dreary day that makes it more special. As I contemplated what I was going to do to keep Addie’s cabin fever in check I decided to go the baking route.  Addie loves helping in the kitchen and I had two bananas that were well past eatable so we happily baked banana bread.

To go along with our cool weather comfort food vibe, my mom had ham hocks and beans simmering on the stove all day.  This meal would have had me running for the hills as a child, the texture freaked me out, but now I love it.  I couldn’t wait to enjoy the ham hocks and beans with warm cornbread.  It was delish by the way.

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The rest of the day was spent pretend playing, watching Hgtv and cuddling.  Addie even got a mini play date with her big cousin, Hunter, who she absolutely adores.  Not bad for a stuck inside day.  I was also able to get caught up on all of the laundry which oddly enough makes me very happy now.  I feel like superwoman when I muster enough motivation to not only wash all of the laundry but also fold it and put it all away.  Am I alone here on this? lol

What do you do when it's too icky to go outside?  You find whatever is available and dress up.  The full weekend recap is on the blog!

Sunday we rose early and were on the road by 7 so that we could finally meet our new nephew.  Addie, Matt and I could not wait to get in some baby snuggles.  Addie especially, who had deemed her new cousin her baby before he was even born. 😂. She was so attentive and sweet with him and sang to him as she held him and rubbed his belly. Talk about making this mama’s heart melt.

I’m going to get a little more serious than normal here in this week’s recap so I apologize to all reading.  I promise they’re not normally like this.  Sunday was slightly bittersweet for me, though.

For those of you who may not have checked out some of the other posts here yet, Matt and I have struggled with Infertility for some time now.  Lately, we have been contemplating whether or not to let go of our desire to try to have another child.  Watching how loving and tender Addie was with her baby cousin made my heart ache a little for the big sister she likely will not get to become.

What made me the saddest though was watching Matt sit with our nephew peacefully curled up on his chest as he looked down at him lovingly.  I remember so vividly what it felt like to watch him like that with Addie.  The realization that we may have experienced that beauty only once made me a bit sad.

I didn’t allow myself to sit in that space for long though because we did get to experience it when so many couples don’t.   Not only that but we’ve been blessed with 7 nieces and nephews and we love them each with all of our hearts.  We spent 9 years away as our nieces and nephews were born and growing so we count ourselves so very lucky that we’re close enough now to see them grow and spend time with them.

Okay, enough of that deep stuff.  Back to the happy stuff.  Addie and her cousin Lena are so close.  When the two of them get together it is complete chaos.  Sometimes not such fun chaos but mostly the beautiful kind that makes you smile so hard your face hurts.  The octaves these girls can hit with their squeals and laughs is deafening at times but it’s such a beautiful sound.

Addie is such a good big cousin. Read about our day hanging with these three precious kiddos.

Now we’re on the road back home and Addie is passed out in the backseat after an exciting day.  I’m counting my blessings in this moment because they truly are many.  I don’t always remember that bit for this moment I’m soaking up the beauty and love we’re surrounded with.  Have a blessed week everyone!

What were you up to this weekend?  Let me know in the comments below.

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7 thoughts on “Weekend Recap: Dreary Skies, Baby Snuggles, And Bittersweet Moments.

  1. I’m so sorry that you guys are struggling with infertility, and I know exactly what you mean about the weather – it can be really depressing when you have to carry on with your day and everything is dull… Your little one is gorgeous!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Suzie! It’s been a very long journey and struggle but we are so blessed with our little girl so we try to focus on that more than what we don’t have. Some days we succeed in that more than others. 😊 It’s another dreary day here. I’m definitely dreaming of a tropical getaway. lol


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