Four Ways To Save Big On Groceries

Do you struggle to keep your budget in line when buying groceries? These tips can help.

Do you guys feel like as soon as you go grocery shopping that everything is gone?  I swear my family sees the grocery bounty and thinks, “Must eat everything!”  Am I right? That, combine that with the fact that my family tries to eat mostly organic and my grocery budget can take a turn for the worse in no time.  As a result, I have to save any way I’m able.  So I came up with a strategy for saving so that our house stays well stocked and our budget doesn’t suffer for it.

Four Ways To Save Big On Groceries

Does your family stuggle to stay on budget with groceries? These 4 tips can help you get a handle on it.

*This post contains affiliate links.  By purchasing an item it will result in a small commission that allows the contents of this blog to remain free for you.  As always, all opinions are 100% my own.*

1. Aldis-Gone are the Aldis of my childhood, where all of the products are boxed and processed and did not taste good at all.  Now Aldis provides organic and gluten-free options and some name-brand products.  I also love that they take debit and credit for payment.  I never was very good about taking cash out of the account for our groceries so I love that I can pull my debit card out and pay.  If you haven’t tried Aldis out since childhood give it a chance.  The savings will shock you, in a good way.  Don’t forget your quarter for your cart, that is still their thing. 😉

2. Amazon Subscribe & Save-I’ll admit it, if I can avoid actually going to the store I’ll choose that option every time.  If I can avoid going to the store and save money, I’m definitely in. Amazon’s Subscribe & Save is great.  You just need to subscribe to 5 products to be delivered monthly and it automatically activates a 15% discount.  I don’t know about you but finding 5 products that I need every month for my household was pretty easy. I save on some of my more expensive household products each month and it’s really easy to adjust the delivery schedule and add and remove products as your needs change.

3. Amazon Prime Pantry – I’m fairly new to Amazon Prime Pantry but I’m hooked already. I don’t know how I was missing out for so long. You do have a be a member of Amazon Prime to participate here but you can try it out with a 30-Day Free Trial and after that, the cost is $99 annually.  I have found that the savings I get from participating in Prime more than pays for the annual expense. Once you’ve signed up for Prime you can begin using Prime Pantry.  Since I’m new to Amazon Prime Pantry I’m going to share this post from Coupon Closet on how to save with Amazon Pantry because it really helped me out.

4. Shop Around – The options I listed above consistently save me loads of money on my grocery & household goods budget. However, it’s always smart to shop around occasionally because other stores could be having special discount sales that will save you more on the products you normally buy.  I frequently check with PetSmart for discounts and sales because with a big Lab and a cat I’m always looking for ways to save on their food and other needs.  I signed up for email notifications so I’m always informed about any special deals PetSmart is having.  When I find special deals and coupons from other stores that save me more than I already was with the above options I stock up.  Shopping around can save you even bigger if you’re consistent in checking.  Pick the stores that you like to shop at most and sign up for email notifications so you always know about their special deals.

BONUS TIP: Target also has a Subscribe & Save option that I utilize for some of my household and pet needs.  I love combining the Subscribe & Save savings with my 5% discount from my Target RedCard Debit Card.

How do you save big at the grocery store? Let me know what you thought of these tips and share yours below!

Do you struggle to stay on budget when grocery and household shopping?  These 4 tips will get you back on track.

Amazon's Subscribe & Save feature allows you to set your household and grocery shopping on auto pilot. Try it out now!                            Amazon's Prime Pantry can handle all of your household and grocery needs! Try it out!                              Amazon Prime has so many amazing benefits, including Free Two-Day Shipping, Subscribe & Save, streaming of your favorite shows and movies and much more!

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12 thoughts on “Four Ways To Save Big On Groceries

  1. Love, love, love Aldi’s! A big help for saving on groceries for my family is creating a meal plan/grocery list before we go and NEVER go to the store hungry! Great post, thanks for sharing!

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  2. Great Post! It is so incredibly difficult to keep costs down while trying to eat mostly organic!! I started singing up with Earthbound and other organic companies to get coupons from them before we moved to TX. Now, I have access to HEB, which carries a lot of their own organic products and they are all very reasonably priced! To try to save more, we will only buy the produce that is on the Dirty Dozen list, organic. This helps from time to time. I love Amazon prime for so many reasons- it really is worth the annual fee. We never pay shipping, and we have the Fire Stick- so we get shows for free, books for free, and early access to things. Also, I didn’t know that Target did subscriptions!!! Definitely something to look into! Haha- lots of good information in your post!! Thanks!

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    1. I’m so glad you enjoyed it! I love the subscribe and save option at Target, on top of the extra ways they offer savings. I’ve seen the Fire Stick but never really understood its functionality. I will have to look into it further. Thanks for your comment! 😊


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