Weekend Recap: The First Weekend of 2017 + Catching Up

Wow you guys, I haven’t done a Weekend Recap in a month!  I really didn’t feel like it had been that long.  Did you miss me? I sure missed you guys.  I did get a much-needed step back though so I could be with family and really evaluate where I want Cookie Crumbs to go in 2017.  I was feeling the blogger pressure so I needed to find a better way to manage it all.  Later this week I’ll be sharing my goals for 2017 but one of the biggest ones I’ve got is being kinder to myself.  I definitely put too much pressure on myself in 2016.  This year is all about being kind to myself.

Since it’s been so long since my last recap I wanted to not only share what we were up to over the weekend but also give a mini Recap of what went on these past few weeks.  We had a wonderful, albeit exhausting holiday but now I’m ready to take on the new year so without further ado here is the first Weekend Recap of 2017!

Weekend Recap: The First Weekend of 2017 + Catching Up

Since the temperatures were so frigid this weekend Matt & Addie made a a beautiful indoor picnic.

When it's too cold to go outside for a picnic, you just have a picnic inside. Complete with a Disney movie of course.

The temperatures were crazy frigid this weekend so we avoided being outside as much as possible.  On Sunday Matt and Addie surprised me with this wonderful Indoor picnic lunch.

Addie loves this children's yoga video I found on YouTube. It tells the Frozen story. So great!

I found this awesome children’s yoga video on YouTube that Addie is obsessed with because it tells the story of Frozen while they’re doing yoga.  She got to get out some energy while I finished up a bit of work.

Addie helped Grandma take down some of the Christmas decorations this weekend. Read all about our weekend on the blog!

Addie and I drew our stick family while killing time this weekend.

Addie helped my mom finally take down some of her Christmas decorations after we played a game where we hung the all up again. lol  We also drew our family.  An artist I am not people, but Addie enjoyed it.

Matt and I enjoyed a much needed date night out on Friday night. We love going to AMC Theatres to see the latest movie on the big screen.

I seriously have the hardest time getting this man to take a normal picture. lol  Matt and I had a much-needed movie date night on Friday night.  One thing we were not very good at in 2016 was nurturing our relationship and spending time together as just the two of us.  In 2017 we want to change that so we’ve decided to make time for one date night out and one date night in a month.  It was amazing how much lighter our mood was after spending quality time together.

There is nothing sweeter than the sight of a daddy with his little girl.

The few weeks since I last updated were spent celebrating Christmas and the New Year.  We spent Christmas with my family.  This year was so exciting because Addie was so excited about Santa.  Seeing the look on her face when she saw that Santa had eaten the cookies we left out for him was priceless.  This is such a precious time with Addie and we relished every moment of it.

New Year’s was spent at my sister-in-law’s home.  We had a picture of this lovely long weekend where we would have a nice New Year’s Eve dinner together and the adults would stay up until midnight to usher in the New Year.  We arrived the Friday before and did it all backward by staying up and visiting until 1 a.m.  When we finally went to bed I was lying there waiting for Matt and I heard a weird noise come from Addie.  I had a feeling she might have gotten sick so I asked Matt to check on her.  Sure enough, she had gotten sick all over herself and the bed.  We were up three times after that and had to bathe Addie twice.

The next day we cautiously watched Addie and she seemed totally fine and even kept a bagel down so my sister-in-law and I took the girls out for a movie.  Addie got sick again on the way home.  There were a whole lot of chocolate M & Ms that came back up.  Poor kid but after she was ill and got cleaned up she was fine again.  We chalked those two days up to her just eating something that didn’t agree with her on Friday Night because luckily the rest of us didn’t get sick.  Needless to say, we were all way too tired to stay up until the ball dropped on New Year’s Eve.  I think we were all in bed by 10 p.m. lol

So we didn’t exactly usher in the New Year as we had planned but that’s the thing about plans, they seldom go as we picture them.

How did you guys usher in your New Year?  Did it go as planned?  I’m so glad to be back my lovelies.  I can’t wait for this next year and the journey it’ll take me and my little family on.  I look forward to sharing it with all of you!


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  1. Welcome back! Poor Addie! It’s no fun to get sick when you’re supposed to be partying! I’m glad she’s okay. Now you’re starting to see what us old folks do on New Year’s Eve…go to bed! lol

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