How To Protect Photo Memories And Our Silly Christmas

Happy Monday!  I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.  If you celebrated Christmas I hope you had a wonderful weekend full of love, laughter, family and lots of yummy food.  In lieu of my normal Weekend Recap, as I’m still recovering from the weekend, I thought I’d share how I like to protect all of my family photo memories and how we got a little silly with our Christmas card photos this year.

I snap a lot of pictures.  Thank goodness for my online family share site on Shutterfly because I would have run out of storage on my phone a long time ago. I remember having one of those wind-up cameras and snapping a ton of photos while out with my friends or at a family event and then excitedly taking them to get developed.  I have loads of photo albums with memories in them.  With the creation of digital cameras and smartphones though I print fewer and fewer pictures.  This is great for space saving but not so much for reminiscing.

How to protect photo memories and our silly Christmas.

One of my favorite things to do is to pull out old family photo albums and go down memory lane.  I realized recently that once I starting snapping pictures on my digital camera and smart phones that I didn’t have those photo albums to go through.  What’s worse is that Addie doesn’t have those memories to go through.  So I have decided that each year I’m going to create a photo book of our most treasured photo memories.  Shutterfly is my favorite place to create our special Year In Review photo books.

Shutterfly has three great options for creating a photo book.  The first is the Custom Path where you are fully in charge of your book.  The second is the Simple Path where Shutterfly arranges and resizes your chosen photos.  After that, you can rearrange the photos and add captions as you like.  The third one is the Make My Book Service.  With this option, Shutterfly’s skilled designers will create a beautiful photo book for you out of the photos that you upload.  This is a great option if you just don’t have the time to create a book but still want one.  I personally like the Simple Path because it’s a happy medium between them all.

Other great photo options from Shutterfly.

Shutterfly has so many great photo sharing options, in addition to their great photo books.  You can still print out your pictures to place in your own photo albums or scrapbooking books.  We love creating little gifts like calendars, mugs, and magnets, which are great gifts for the holidays, birthdays, anniversary or just because.  I always create our Christmas cards from Shutterfly.  This year I decided to try a new approach and not fight the silliness of my husband and daughter.

I was so happy with our photos this year and couldn’t wait to put our cards together.  We took advantage of the first snowy day and got outside too.  We had so much fun taking these photos, even if I did accidentally get the wrong sized pajamas for Matt!  I’m sharing the results below.

This was one of the only nice family photos that we took for our Christmas card, aside from Addie's cheesy smile of course.

So we were all supposed to make silly faces in this family photo but Addie decided to go the normal route.

Having some fun while taking our Christmas Card photos.

This is one of my favorites from our Christmas card photo shoot.

These two are probably my favorites because they truly capture who we are as a family.

We're getting really silly in this photo. It's amazing we didn't break Matt's back. lol

We took this photo about 10 times and this was the one that Addie was the least blurry in.  It was also the one we had the most fun with.

Target has great holiday pajamas for the whole family. We loved getting silly in ours!

So I may or may not have gotten Matt the Women’s XL pajamas.  That’s what I get for grabbing without looking closely.  It made for a funny picture, though.

We took our holiday photo fun out in the snow! Find out where we got these great pajamas and the rest of our photo shenanigans over at Cookie Crumbs!

This one didn’t make the Christmas Card cut but I just love Matt’s pose here.  Don’t let him fool you, it was the mildest, snowy day ever.  I was warm outside and that’s saying something.

Our daughter couldn't wait to make a snowman when discovered it had snowed overnight. Read all about it on the blog!

Addie was beyond excited to build a snowman and show it off.

I love the beautifully posed family pictures just as much as the next mama, and they are nice to have.  For our Christmas card this year, though, I wanted to share with our family and friends the family that we truly are.  We’re not perfect, we’re silly and we love to laugh and they definitely know that Matt hates pasting on a smile for pictures.  He actually starts to look like he’s in pain after about 5 pictures.  I honestly don’t know who had more fun taking these pictures.  The results speak for themselves.

I hope you enjoyed our silly Christmas photos and that you will use Shutterfly to protect your photo memories for generations to come.  I can’t wait to show Addie all of the photo books of our years together.

P.S. If you liked this post why don’t you check out Weekend Recap: Santa, A Holiday Train, and a Lazy Sunday.  There I share all of the fun we had the weekend we took our Christmas card photos, including more outdoor fun and the Holiday Train that came through town!


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