You Need To Know About These 5 Terrific Yoga Routines

*The information in this post does not replace that of a medical professional’s.  Before you try these or any new workout please consult your doctor first.*


I love Yoga and in an ideal world, I’d get to spend an hour each day blissfully stretching.  Here’s the thing, though I’m a mom, I have a full- time job and I like what little sleep I get.  That said, being physically healthy is important to me so I try to squeeze in some sort of physical activity each day.  If that physical activity is yoga, even better.  That’s why I’m sharing these 5 terrific yoga routines that are all 20 minutes or less!

I’ve written before about my favorite YouTube Yoga Instructor, Yoga With Adriene.  I just love her style, personality, and way of teaching a class.  Whether in person or via video, being able to follow a yoga instructor’s cues without constantly having to stop and look up is important for me.  I don’t want to mess with my zen yoga flow.  Adriene is great at instructing in a way that allows you to move through each pose without constantly looking up.

*A little tip I learned with yoga videos, make sure there is a mirror that can directly reflect the screen in the direction you’re facing.  That way if you have to look there is less need to crane sideways to see the screen.*

You need to know about these 5 terrific yoga routines.

  1. Yoga Rinse-17:51 minutes.  By far one of my favorites.  I sit at a desk all day and this one hits my shoulders, lower back, and hips.  All trouble areas for us desk workers. 
  2. Yoga for Focus & Productivity-9:52 minutes. This one is great for those days when I barely have time to brush my teeth, let alone workout.  I still get a good stretch in a short amount of time.
  3. Yoga for Lower Back Pain-15:47 minutes.  Anything that helps me stretch out my lower back I’m all for.  This one is good after a long day of sitting.
  4. Travel Yoga-Revitalizing Flow-14:02 minutes.  I love doing yoga outside.  Since that doesn’t happen very often, this is the next best option.  The scenery is great and the workout is one of my favorites to unwind.
  5. Travel Yoga-Morning Sequence-10:43 minutes.  The name says it all.  This is a great morning yoga routine that’s quick but still wakes you up and stretches you out.


I try to do these 5 videos each week.  Sometimes that works out and sometimes I only fit in 3 a week.  However many I’m doing, I just want to make sure I’m moving.  We all have busy schedules and fitting in a workout is tough, but it should be a priority.  Find quick ways, like these 5 yoga routines, to make physical activity a priority in your life.  The difference you will feel in your body, energy, and overall well-being will delight you.

I never realize just how much I need a yoga session until I’ve completed one.  The difference in my mood and the way I feel is amazing.  It seriously only takes 10-20 minutes for me to feel a difference.  Whenever I can I try to squeeze in a longer yoga session but for the majority of my crazy life, these 5 yoga routines do the job beautifully.

I challenge you to try these 5 videos out for one month.  Schedule them into your calendar so they are a part of your routine.  The days and frequency are up to you, just make sure you remain consistent.  I can’t wait to hear what you think of these yoga routines!



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