Weekend Recap: Santa, A Holiday Train, and a Lazy Sunday

Happy Monday!  I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.  Ours was a bit hectic but so magical, at least, once I stopped trying to control every aspect of it and just let it flow.  As always, Mondays at Cookie Crumbs is Weekend Recap Time!

Weekend Recap: Santa, A Holiday Train, and a Lazy Sunday



We checked out a new coffee shop near us, Charlotte’s Coffee Shop.  So quaint and the coffee and treats were delish!  They had so many unique toast options, I want to go back every weekend to try a new one!  Plus they have vacation rentals above the coffee shop in Downtown Dubuque.  Can you say weekend getaway for Matt & I?!



Find out what we were up to this weekend and where I got this delicious banana and peanut butter toast!

Peanut Butter & Banana Toast-Yum!

Our weekend included this delicious spread right here, from a quaint little place we discovered in the town near us. Check it out on the blog!

A sausage burrito with hash browns and bulletproof coffee, yes, please!


We went to the mall to see Santa and I have to say, I’ve never been so disappointed to take Addie to see Santa before.  Poor Santa needed some fattening up.  Thank goodness it didn’t phase Addie.

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I am in love with my new sunglasses from Lulus that I got on sale during their Black Friday Deals!  All of their sunglasses are amazing.  I highly recommend checking them out.

The Canadian Pacific Holiday Train rolled into town. Read all about it on the blog!

The Canadian Pacific Holiday Train rolled into town and put on a great mini concert. Read about that and the rest of our weekend on the blog!

The Canadian Pacific Holiday Train rolled through Bellevue on Saturday night.  Addie was so excited to see it.  The train only comes through every two years so we were excited to be able to see if for the first time.  Although we got there way too early and by the time they finally started the concert Addie was so tired she only lasted two songs then wanted to go home. lol

When the Canadian Pacific Holiday Train makes a stop in your town they partner with the local food bank to collect food and monetary donations for the local food paint.  These goods and monetary funds go towards the needy in that community.  This year the Canadian Pacific Holiday train also donated an additional $4000 to our community’s food bank.  Such a great event for a wonderful cause.


Luckily when Santa visited Bellevue he was looking much healthier than he was at the mall that afternoon. 😉

The first snowfall of the year is always so magical. On the blog I'm sharing our snow fun and our weekend shenanigans. Check it out!

The first snow fall!  Addie was so excited when she looked out the window she wanted to run downstairs to see what Santa brought her.  Apparently when the snow comes, so does Santa. haha

Addie was so excited for the first snow fall of the year that I barely got her coat on. On the blog now!

She was so excited she ran out in her pajamas.  I’m lucky I got a coat on her.

Addie couldn't wait to build the first snowman of the season this weekend. Check out this guy and more on the blog now!

Addie and Matt made a pretty awesome snowman.  The snow was perfect for it.

We had so much fun playing in the snow this weekend! Read all about it on the blog!

I am not much for the cold and snow but there is something wonderful about the first snow fall. 🙂


This guy. ❤

Aren't these Christmas pajamas from Target so adorable. I seriously want to live in these all Winter.




So I am definitely one of those moms/wives that makes her family do the pajama photo for their Christmas cards.  I lived in these pajamas all day Sunday because it was Sunday and snowing, so why not! These snowflake pajamas are heaven and I will be wearing them all Winter.  I’m also so glad I hadn’t buried my Sorel snow boots too deep in the Winter gear because I definitely needed them for the start of our Midwest Winter weather.

The one time I want Addie to make a silly face in a photo and she smiles pretty.

The one time I want Addie to make a ridiculous face in a picture and she smiles pretty.


I promise people, Matt is not cold, he just thinks he’s being funny. 😉

So these plaid pajamas were what Matt was supposed to wear for our Christmas card photos but I got them in a Women's XXL. Oops!

Okay, so the original plan was for Matt to wear these pajamas for our family pictures.  That was until he put them on and we realized that I had bought a women’s XXL and not a man’s XXL.  He could not move in these pajamas Oops! Thank goodness Target has an easy return policy.

Outfit Details:

On Me: Snowflake Pajamas (wearing size XS) | Women’s Sorel Caribou Boot (wearing size 8-run large so can down-size 1/2 a size) | 100% Cashmere Scarf-mine was a gift. Similar here. | Women’s Olive Puffer Jacket-Similar here. | On Matt: Men’s Buffalo Plaid Pajamas (these are what I intended on buying) | Men’s Carhartt Jacket  | On Addie: Toddler Santa Two-Piece Pajama Set (Addie is wearing 4T) | OshKosh Toddler Girl’s Heavyweight Jacket |

The gazebo in my parent's yard looked so magical after the first snowfall of the season.  We had such a great weekend.

Our weekend was full of activity, as it usually is.  Saturday started a bit rough because I had this whole plan in my head and when it started going astray I got all flustered and upset.  It ended very nicely though with the Holiday Train and then we woke to a Winter Wonderland.  We had so much fun taking our family pictures and I had so much fun putting our Christmas cards together!  One of Addie’s favorite things to do is play in the snow so she could not wait to get out there and make a snowman and snow angels.  Thank goodness Matt enjoys the snow as well, so she had a partner in crime out there.  I happily snuggled her and watched Polar Express after she came inside to warm up. 🙂

What were you up to this weekend?



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    1. It only wound up being a few inches but it was that perfect packing snow that lends itself to snowman making. It warmed up a little during the night though and fell over. Our daughter was not happy. 😕


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