Weekend Recap: Holiday Fun & Family


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Sunday night Movie Night. Countdown To 25 Days Of Christmas.

Howdy Guys!  How was your weekend?! After a wonderful Thanksgiving with my family we headed on the road for a mini road trip to my sister-in-law’s for our second family Thanksgiving.

Our weekend was so relaxing and Addie was insanely excited to see her little cousin.  Seeing the two of them together always makes my heart swell with love.  The girls got to watch Finding Dory, made clay Christmas ornaments and did lots of dancing and screeching.  The two of them giggling together is pure magic.

Visiting family is always nice but there is no place like home.  After we quickly unpacked and had some dinner we enjoyed a much-needed family Movie Night and Christmas tree decorating, which Addie was very excited about.  I love this time of year so much, it’s so magical. Having Addie makes it more so because everything is so thrilling to her.

After Addie headed off to bed I was able to squeeze in two more episodes of the Gilmore Girls.  I just have to watch “Fall” and I will finally know what the Last Four Words are!  There is just something about Lorelei and Rory that  sucks me in.

All and all our weekend was perfect and it was shaping up to end pretty perfectly too but at 10 pm Addie woke with a 103° temperature. 😕 So a dose of children’s Advil, some water and lots of snuggles later we had Addie snuggled back in bed.  Luckily she did not wake with a fever again but she has a pretty icky cough and doesn’t really want to eat.  It’s off to the pediatrician for us today! Hello Monday to us!

What were you guys up to this weekend?

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