Weekend Recap: Exhaustion, Holiday Shopping, And A Santa Letter

Wow, that’s a deep way to open a Weekend Recap. I really needed this and I found the answer to this question, that had been plaguing me for a couple of weeks after I randomly pulled this book open on Friday morning.  If you follow me on Instagram you would have seen that I wrote a bit about that moment.  If you don’t follow me, and you should BTW 😉, here’s how it happened.

I bought this book about two months ago and because I am a busy and exhausted mama I hadn’t  actually read a page of it yet.   I had a few spare minutes so I took my coffee and grabbed this book on a whim.  When I flipped the book open this is the page that appeared.  I can’t make this up when I tell you that I had been asking myself this exact same question for about two weeks now and there it was!  Even better is that the answer to that question was there.  I was shocked.  It just goes to show that if you put a question or struggle out there and open yourself up to the answer it will be given to you.

You better believe I’ve been reading the book now.  Check it out!  It’s a great book about the struggle between what you think you should do in your life and what you must do with your life.  You will be inspired.  I know I am!

Addie LOVES this movie and it will be on replay until probably March.

It was Santa Letter time.  Addie is learning to write so she was extra excited about writing her Letter this year. P.S. Do you guys know that Hatchimals are a Top Toy this year?!  I did not and all of the stores within a 100-mile radius are currently sold out.  I officially have family and friends in Iowa, New York, and Minnesota searching for one of these things. lol

Delivering her Santa Letter!

Addie was not all about the picture posing here. Goofball.

If it’s not Addie goofing around in pictures it’s daddy.  It’s amazing that I get any nice photos. 😂

My little chef has learned how to make her own scrambled eggs (supervised of course) so now she wants to cook everything.

This was a particularly exhausting weekend because Addie has been waking again during the night and has been doing so for about two weeks now.  On Saturday morning she woke me at 4 a.m. and refused to fall back to sleep.  Finally at 5 a.m. I gave up and we went and laid on the couch to watch a movie.  To say there wasn’t enough coffee in the world is putting it lightly.

As I mentioned above, unbeknownst to me, Addie placed a Top Toy on her Santa List this year.  I’ve really got to pay closer attention to those things.  Lesson learned and fingers crossed I find one so I don’t have to explain to Addie that Santa’s elves ran out of time to make this toy this year.

Sunday was spent pretty low key.  Addie had developed a cold, I was exhausted and it was freezing outside.  We enjoyed hibernating and these beets were on the menu for dinner.  I found the recipe on the wholefully.com, you should check Cassie out! Addie devoured them.  The kid loves beets.

Though I spent my weekend pretty exhausted and a bit stressed about the Santa Letter dilemma it was still a great weekend spent with family.  I’m also happy to report that Addie slept through the night so I got some much-needed rest.  Here’s hoping it wasn’t a fluke and she’s back on her normal sleep schedule!

What did you do this weekend?


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