Weekend Recap: Good Eats, Good Treats, And Working Mama Woes

Happy Monday!  I hope you all had a beautiful weekend.  Mine started and ended a bit bumpy but everything in the middle was full of good eats and good treats.  Welcome to a new week, I hope you enjoy my Weekend Recap!


Addie affectionately calls the Bellevue Pie House the “Cupcake Store”.  Addie and I enjoyed lunch here Friday afternoon after an unexpected illness put Addie’s daycare person out of commission for the next two weeks and me apologetically leaving work early to pick her up from school.  I suppose there are worse things to do on a beautiful Friday afternoon.

This weekend started off rough but the rest of it turned out quite delicious! Mondays at Cookie Crumbs is Weekend Recap time!



As a working mom, the one thing you don’t want to hear is that your daycare person is not able to care for your child, especially when that news is delivered last minute and there is no backup option.  My poor daycare person fell ill and as a result is contagious for the next 7-10 days, which meant I was left trying to figure out daycare for Addie until next Wednesday.  Luckily Matt is a teacher so he will be home with Addie through Thanksgiving but that still left me scrambling and failing to find replacement care for Addie on Friday.  Thank goodness I have made an acquaintance who will kindly watch Addie for the remainder of the time but she was unavailable Friday and today.

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Addie has started waking in the middle of the night and climbing into bed with us again so I did not get much sleep Friday night.  A mama’s work is never done, though and the grocery shopping had to get done.  I wanted to be comfortable and warm while I ran errands, in comes the chunky cardigan and my favorite tee.  These wedge booties are some of my favorites right now and gave my outfit just the right amount of style.   Chunky Cardigan hereSkinny Jeans hereThis #shiplap tee from Magnolia Market (Chip & Joanna Gaines anyone?) is honestly the softest tee I own. I bought these booties from DSW last season. Similar ones here. |

Weekends at Cookie Crumbs is Weekend Recap time! This past weekend was all about good food and dealing with working mom struggles! Take a peak!

I have been wanting to check out the East Mill Bakeshop in Dubuque, IA for ages, grocery shopping day is as good as any.  Can’t go to the grocery store hungry of course. 😉  This was such a cute little place and Addie loved that there were pillowed window seats where she could lounge and devour her chocolate chip muffin. If you’re ever in Dubuque and are looking for a quaint little place to enjoy a cup of coffee and a delicious treat you must stop here!

We stopped at a local bakery I had been wanting to try out for ages, East Mill Bakeshop and it did not disappoint! Mondays at Cookie Crumbs is Weekend Recap Time!

The East Mill Bakeshop in Dubuque, Iowa did not disappoint in the treat department. Read all my thoughts in the latest Weekend Recap over at Cookie Crumbs!

The East Mill Bakeshop in Dubque, Iowa served up delicious bakery goods and a cozy place to enjoy it. Read all my thoughts on this great place over at Cookie Crumbs!

It got chilly fast this weekend so my parent’s Ginko Biloba tree shed all of its leaves on Saturday.  Addie loved standing under it as they fell.  At the end of the day, she wanted to help grandma clean up the leaves.

The mild Fall weather this weekend made way for gorgeous sunshine and lots of Fall leaves to clean up. Read the full weekend recap over on the blog!

My Manloaf Meatloaf never disappoints and is the perfect weekend meal! Check out the latest post for the recipe!

If you ask my husband, there is nothing better than this meatloaf.  I shared the recipe here.  Check it out, you won’t be disappointed!

This past weekend offered the perfect Fall weather for us to roam around our small town of Bellevue, Iowa. Read the full weekend recap on the blog!

I love our sleepy little town.I love quiet moments like this between my husband and our daughter. There really isn't anything better than the bond between a girl and her daddy.

This never ceases to melt my heart.

We try to get outside as much as possible, especially on beautiful Fall days. Family time is better spent in the fresh air. Read the full weekend recap on the blog!

A day this beautiful is meant to be spent outside.

Our weekend definitely started a little frazzled with the sudden need for alternate daycare on Friday and by Sunday I thought we had it all worked out, was I wrong.  Matt and I had secured new daycare for Addie starting at the beginning of December because our current daycare person is returning to school and wouldn’t be doing it anymore.  I thought we had the daycare dilemma all worked out until Sunday afternoon when our new daycare provider messaged me that starting the beginning of December she would no longer be doing daycare anymore!  You guys I literally laughed out loud like a crazy person when I read her message.

We live in a rural Iowa town and finding daycare is next to impossible because there is one daycare group, which is always full.  That leaves parents with the hope that they can find a mom or retired grandma who has an in-home daycare.  We counted ourselves lucky when we found our current provider a week before I was due to start back into the working world.  We panicked a bit when we found out she was not going to be doing daycare anymore but breathed a sigh of relief when a spot was open at this other place because she was recommended and had been doing it a while.  So imagine my shock when I got her message on Sunday.  I will say, though, I don’t believe in coincidences.

Working parents, how do you handle unexpected dilemmas with daycare, whether that’s illness or a provider who suddenly stops daycare?  Are you a mom looking to supplement her income or transition to a work at home position?  Are you tired of running into situations like we did this weekend?  I’ve got a great solution for you.  Click here to request further information or email me at tasha@cookiecrumbs07.com.

Have a great week Lovelies!

The East Mill Bakeshop in Dubuque, Iowa was the perfect weekend stop. We couldn't wait to sample the amazing goodies. Read the full details on the blog!






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  1. Addie, as always, is as cute as a button! I loved the picture with her holding the chuck-it! Ninja child! The photographs are lovely. And I do hope you find daycare soon. It’s no fun worrying about that kind of thing. We’re in a rural area outside of a village with one stop light so I know what you mean about finding daycare in a tiny town.

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