Weekend Recap: Sunshine, Shopping, and Sundays

Happy Monday!!!  Okay, that was a bit more excitement than necessary for a Monday morning, I think I’m trying to convince myself to be excited too. I’ll let you know if it worked once the coffee kicks in.  Did you all remember to set your clocks back this weekend?  Thank goodness our main clocks reset themselves because I was convinced that they were wrong and my daughters was right on Sunday morning.  I blame my exhaustion from some late nights for the mix-up.  My husband set my tired brain straight, though.  My weekend sleep schedule was all wonky this weekend and I think it’s starting to catch up with me.  Anybody else need to work on getting to bed earlier?

This weekend was absolutely gorgeous.  I’m in no hurry for the super cold weather to arrive so when these unseasonably warm and gorgeously sunny days pop up in November I do a little happy dance.  Aside from the cozy sweaters and the holidays, I’ve no use for Winter.  I’m convinced I’m meant to live year round in Hawaii or some other tropical paradise, now if I could just convince my snow loving husband and daughter of the same. 😛

20130209_124704   Paradise-Our 2013 Hawaii Trip

Enough of the day dreaming though and on to the Weekend Recap, which was full of Sunshine, Shopping, and Sundays.  Saturday was absolutely gorgeous and I got the rare pleasure of taking a shopping trip all by myself!  My sister-in-law and I met up in Coralville, IA for a Girls Only day of Holiday Shopping, lunch, and thrift store shopping.  My three favorite things!  Have you guys gotten a start on your Holiday shopping?  I have to admit, I’m not usually this on the ball and I credit my sister-in-law for thinking up this shopping trip for getting my butt in gear.  To get your own jump start on your Holiday gift list check out my 1st Annual My Favorite Things Holiday Gift Guide for some great ideas for everyone on your list.  I’m also having a giveaway for the game loving kiddo on your list.  Enter for a chance to win the Educational Insights: The Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel Game!


I love the wide open blue skies of the Iowa Countryside.  Not a bad view for a morning drive.


Does anyone else eat the top off their muffins before they eat the rest?


Some of my thrift store treasures from our Saturday Shopping Trip.

I’m more than a little obsessed with thrift store shopping and I will tell you why.  First, it’s so much fun to search through all of the goodies and see what treasures you can discover.  I’m always on the lookout for a diamond in the rough.  The second reason that I love thrift store shopping is because you can often find name brand clothes that are new or like new at a fraction of the cost if you bought it retail.

I’m all about a deal, especially since I’m clearly obsessed with sweaters.  That can add up fast if you’re buying it at the department stores!  The only thing about thrift stores is that you have to have the time and patience to search for those treasures and deals.  For a mama who is usually short on both, I love when I get the chance to go out by myself and really take my time.  When I don’t have that luxury, which is most of the time my next favorite way to peruse secondhand finds is online.  ThredUP is my absolute favorite because they offer name brand women’s, girls, and boys clothes and shoes at secondhand prices.  I love getting that polka dot box!


Curled up in one of my newest thrift store sweater finds and it’s so cozy.


It’s like my birthday every time I see these boxes sitting outside my door.


While I was out having a girls day Matt and Addie went and saw Trolls in 3D without me!  Addie is obsessed with seeing movies in 3D 🙂

On the way home from my Girl’s Only day Matt text me and asked if I wanted to go out to dinner at our favorite local restaurant, Potter’s Mill with my cousin and his family.  I sure was exhausted but any excuse to not cook and go eat at Potter’s Mill and enjoy New Orlean’s style food is high on my list.  I’ll be sharing a review on this awesome restaurant real soon!


It got a little hectic at dinner as the three kids started to get tired and therefore crazy, well the two older ones at least but we still enjoyed a nice dinner out.  I couldn’t have asked for a better way to end such a great day out, other than to crash shortly after Addie did.  🙂

Sunday started out a little rough since I was all mixed up with the time change but I got some snuggles in with Matt and Addie and the all important coffee fix taken care of and I was back on my game.  I had a lot of stuff on my To-Do List between laundry, cleaning and some must-dos for the blog.  All I really wanted to do was curl up on the couch and watch Netflix all day.  That was not in the cards, though.

The struggle between the endless To-Do List and just wanting to be lazy.

As I was trying to pay attention to Addie while simultaneously getting the pile of laundry done and feeling a bit overwhelmed by all I still had to do, my phone rang.  My brother was my lifesaver in that moment because he invited Matt and Addie to go fishing with him and our niece and nephew for a couple of hours.  I’ve never been so happy about fishing than in that moment. lol  Once Matt and Addie were out the door and happily on their way to do some fishing I began running around like a crazy person.  I didn’t get everything on my list done but I did get half the laundry done and folded, the beds made, floors swept, my blogging schedule planned out for the rest of the month and this blog post almost completely written and laid out before Matt and Addie returned.  I don’t know about you but I’m more productive when I feel like I’m crunched for time than I am when everything is wide open!

The rest of our Sunday was spent pretty low key, Addie napped, I finished up my list of To-Dos and Addie and I squeezed in a walk with our Lab, Luke before we enjoyed a dinner made from the trout Addie and her cousins caught.  I would have included a picture but we were so excited about eating them that I forgot to snap a shot. lol  Our weekend was a bit all over the place but full of Sunshine, Shopping, and Sundays.  I could use a few more like it that’s for sure.

What were you and your family up to this weekend?  Share below, I’d love to hear all about it!

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