How One Night A Week Can Bring Your Family Closer.

Recently I noticed that my little family of three had somehow drifted apart a little.  As I looked around one night I saw my daughter watching a cartoon on her Kindle, my husband staring at something on his phone and I was frantically trying to get dinner ready for all of us.  I’d like to say this wasn’t a typical night, but unfortunately it was.  Not only had I become distracted by my seemingly endless list of To-Dos and my phone (I’m ashamed to admit) but my whole family had become distracted.

How One Night A Week Can Bring Your Family Closer.

My little family of three was disconnected, until we started coming together one night a week.  On the blog I'm talking about what an impact just one night a week can have on your family dynamic.  Read on!

I was looking for a way to bring myself, Addie and Matt, together again.  Something that would force us to put away the electronics and focus on each other.  Who doesn’t need more of that, am I right?  I recently wrote a post about my 5 favorite family activities on a budget and designated family night encompasses them all.  Weekly Family nights has allowed me to become a more patient and a more connected mom and it has allowed my family to reconnect.  Initially, I set it as pizza and game night but it has quickly grown into pizza and whatever we want to do night.  Let me tell you, the difference has been amazing.

I don’t know who looks forward to our designated family night more, me or our daughter. It means I get to put my phone away, eat pizza (which is never a bad thing) and let loose with Addie and Matt. This one night I let go of the thought that I have to do it all and be it all and I am just mom.  All of our attention is on each other.  Its just the three of us.  Addie gets the undivided focus that she deserves from Matt and I but unfortunately doesn’t always get.  She also gets a say in what we do that evening which is huge for her little 4-year-old self and we get to be together.  I’m calmer, more patient and definitely less distracted.  It’s huge for me and my family.

Finding time spend as a family shouldn't be an item on your To-Do list, it should be the one thing that your To-Do list works around. I'm sharing how one night a week has brought my family closer.

On our family nights, we laugh more than we probably do all week, we let go of our worries and we get to enjoy being a family.  Tonight, as I watched Matt and Addie play superhero sumo wrestlers, I felt so peaceful and light.  I wasn’t weighed down by everything I needed to get done and I didn’t even miss my phone.  So when I saw Matt and Addie sharing a mischievous secret and then they came charging at me I gleefully squealed and went running as they chased me.  These nights are what I will cherish and I hope Addie will too.

In a day and age where we’re all so focused on being connected to everything all the time, we forget to connect with what really matters, our family.  Family night has become more than just a night to eat pizza and play together.  It has become the one night that I can let go of my distractions and worries and just be with my family.  I look forward to it every week and can’t wait to see what we’ll be up to each week.  This one night a week has brought my family closer.

I challenge you to choose one night a week that is just for you and your family.  Order take-out, or make dinner together if you’re trying to save money, and designate someone to decide what you do together as a family.  You can even do a voting system if you think that will work better for you.  However you decide what you’re going to do, do it as a family.  You’ll be amazed at how the energy between your family changes.

Let me know how your family night goes.  I can’t wait to hear what you come up with and how it brings your family closer!






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  1. My kids are grown and most of the grand kids live out of state but our youngest son lives only a few miles away. We still get together with him and his girlfriend to play cards. It’s not always once a week and we see them all the time anyway but the game night is special. It brings back memories of when we had family nights when they were still young and we laugh so much we cry.

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