My 5 Favorite Family Activites On A Budget

Finding a time where my family stops, puts away the distractions and focuses on being with each other is hard to arrange these days.  With busy schedules, electronic distractions and endless To-Dos, I know I am guilty of forgetting to slow down and just be.  This recently had me thinking, “how can I bring us all together without spending a ton of money?”.  That’s when I came up with my 5 favorite family activities on a budget.

Time spent together is important to my family. Finding activities that we all love that doesn't break the bank can take some thought. Check out these 5 family activities for the budget conscious family.

Factors to Consider

There were a few factors I considered when finding time to come up with fun but semi-cheap ways to create Family Time.  The three main factors were as follows:

  1. Cost-Cost is a big one because we’ve been struggling financially and trying to get into our own place.  Free is ideal but I’m not totally against putting down some money as long as it’s not ridiculous and will still offer an all around enjoyable family experience.
  2. Location-We live in a small rural town so finding activities that are family friendly and close by were a little tricky but it just meant that I had to get creative and at times drive a bit.  Half an hour is the max.  We want to enjoy time doing things, not be in the car!
  3. Weather-Weather had to play a factor because not all activities can be done inside, nor would I want them to be, so choosing activities based on the time of year and the current weather condition was important.

My 5 Favorite Family Friendly Activities On A Budget

Finding activities to do as a family doesn't have to break the bank.  I'm sharing 5 great ways to spend time together as a family, on a budget.

  1. Family Game Night-This one my family and I recently started to implement.  Once a week, we chose Thursdays but you can choose whatever day suits your family’s schedule, we get pizza and play games.  Pizza is quick and easy and allows us to get right to the fun.  To add an additional budget friendly and fun family option we buy the pizza ingredients of choice and make our own pizzas.  No TV or electronics of the sort are allowed, just family, pizza and games.  We each get to choose one game and then we get to the pizza-munching and game playing.  The first night we did this we wound up on the floor shooting off our daughter’s recently acquired space rocket and cracking up.  It has quickly become something we look forward to each week.
  2. Trip to State Park or Nature Area-We are blessed to have a state park in our hometown so it’s a 2-minute drive to the park.  Even if you don’t have a State Park near you there is the option to go for a hike on your own land if you live in the country or find a local hiking spot near you.  The options are endless for what you can do on these treks.  If your family likes biking you can find a biking trail, go for a hike if you like wandering through nature, have a pooch, bring them along!  We just recently spent the afternoon playing in the fallen Fall leaves and tossing a toy for our pooch, Luke.  It was great because the option of TV was nowhere to be found and we put our cell phones on airplane mode so we could still take pictures but didn’t have to worry about the distraction it usually delivers.
  3. Trip to a Local Museum-This one may cost you some money, depending on where you live but usually, you can find one that is free or fairly cheap.  We have an amazing one a little over half an hour from us that we bought a family membership to.  For the cost of two visits as a family we now have access to the museum at no cost for a year and we can go as many times as we want.  This is one of our daughter’s favorite places and I have to admit I don’t get sick of it either.  They are always featuring special exhibits so things get switched up.  Find one that appeals to everyone and you can’t go wrong.  Bonus is that it’s a great rainy day activity!
  4. Have a Dance Party-You guys, my family loves to have dance parties.  We’ll blast the music and sing and dance until we fall over.  The best part is that they’re your family so you don’t have to be embarrassed if your dance moves are less than dance team awesome.  Actually the sillier the better!  Put on your favorite music, put it on shuffle and get ready to boogie.
  5. Go to the Library-Our library isn’t huge but it’s got a great children’s section with enough toys that we can play, read and pick out books to take home and enjoy there.  I love taking my daughter to the library and when all three of us can go together it’s so nice to play and sit and read out loud to our daughter.  Even if the kiddos are a little older you can all go together and pick out a new book that you each want to read.  You can then tell each other why you chose it.  Libraries are totally awesome.

Finding fun things to do together, as a familiy doesn't have to break the bank. I'm sharing my 5 favorite family activities on a budget.

What does your family do to disconnect from distractions and spend time together?  Let me know below, I’m always looking for new ideas!  Don’t forget to also give me a Follow on Instagram for a peak into all of our family fun!

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