Weekend Recap: Outdoor Fun, Halloweekend And Lots Of Crappy Coffee

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Happy Halloween Everyone!!!!!  For those reading this that already celebrated, I hope you had a wonderfully spooky day.  Man! I’m Tired!!!!  This weekend was a great one but full of middle of the night wake-ups by the Little, an unplanned ban from our house, and Halloween craziness.  To top it all off, it took me all weekend to get a cup of coffee that didn’t taste that total ass.  Never fear though my friends, I finally snagged the elusive delicious cup of coffee this morning and boy was is wonderful.  Now onto the weekend recap!

Saturday morning I rose at my normal time of 5:20 am, I know, “On Saturday?!”, yes, even on Saturday.  I occasionally sleep in but not very often, mainly because the Little doesn’t allow it and the hubby snores like a freight train so there’s no point in even trying.  I had an early morning appointment that I needed to get to so I tried to get Addie settled as much as possible and rushed out the door with a subpar cup of coffee.  Ever since I have cut dairy out of my diet it’s been really hard to find a creamer replacement, which is a necessity for me.

While out I decided to take advantage of my rare child-free time and was enjoying a bagel and relaxing peacefully, then the hubby texts me and tells me he found a bug.  For those of you that don’t know, we are currently living with my parents, GASP, I know.  More on that to come later this week.  One of their animals had gotten chewing lice and it had passed to the other animals, including ours.  We were treating them but when my hubby text me that I immediately text my mom and told her the house needed to be bombed ASAP.  That triggered a rush home to safeguard anything that could be hidden from said bug bomb poison.  Once we did that, we hastily packed snacks to hopefully cover us for 4 hrs while we had to be out of the house and ran out the door.  Positive note, it was an absolutely beautiful Fall day so being forced out wasn’t the worst thing to happen.

To kill the time we took Addie to one of her favorite places in town, the library.  Daddy and Addie played and read together while I got some work done.  That bug was a blessing in disguise because I might not have gotten to work otherwise.  After about an hour or so we dropped our library bounty back at the car and we took a walk to our local pie shop where we enjoyed Halloween cupcakes and I received a horrible cup of coffee.


We enjoyed our cupcake and horrible coffee outside, sitting along the waterfront and then meandered back to the house.  We still couldn’t enter so the hubby took advantage of the time and worked on his car while Addie and I took Luke for a walk.  He was more than excited to go with us and was very happy to run wild at our favorite spot by the Mississippi for a while.  I would love to have some photos to share of this beautiful weekend but my phone was practically dead so my options were limited.

After our lovely walk, we meandered back home where the hubby and I proceeded to treat our animals again with baths.  The dog didn’t mind so much but the cats were a different story.  My poor kitties were a hot, wet mess but we felt better after treating them.  By that time the house had been airing out for an hour and we felt it was safe to return to the house.  This was 5 PM.  The rest of my evening consisted of running out to a food truck with the hubby to grab tacos and pizza, remaking our beds because the bedding needed to be washed, sweeping and mopping all of the floors and beginning the endless amounts of laundry that awaited me.  Needless to say, I was one tired mama, but since I hadn’t actually sat down since that morning it didn’t truly catch up with me until I allowed myself to sit until about 8:30 that evening.  Cue exhausted crash.

My Handsome Man while we were waiting for our food truck food.

Sunday I woke at a crazy hour to join Susie Speaks Halloween Blog Party-Meet and Greet!  It was totally worth a little less sleep though because I got to read some amazing blogs and meet equally amazing bloggers.  Thanks for having me, Susie! 🙂 I also got to enjoy a little bit of time to myself in the quiet and FINALLY got that great cup of coffee I’ve been missing.  It came courtesy of SO Delicious Coconut Creamer-Hazelnut flavor that I found at the grocery store while I was out the day before.  It is so amazing and if you can find it near you, I recommend!


I had such a great day on Susie’s Blog Party.

So Good!


Striking a pose on our Fall Day Out.



We had a great afternoon out at our local State Park throwing leaves, playing with the pup and being silly.


It was Trick or Treating day in our hometown.  Addie was so excited to put on her costume and collect her candy bounty.




I love Fall Layer Weather.

A colored scarf adds warmth and a pop of color.  Find this one here.

You all know my love for a faux leather jacket.  Check out this one here.

Black skinny jeans are a must in your Fall Wardrobe.  Check these out here.

Don’t forget the booties!  I love these.

That is our Weekend Recap!  Now I’m off to bed because this mama is tired.

I hope you all had a great Halloweekend!  What were you up to?

*This post contains affiliate links.  Ordering a product through this link may result in a commission.  All opinions are 100% my own.*


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