My Top 5 Yoga Poses For Office Workers

*The information in this post is my own opinion and does not replace that of your medical professional’s.  Please consult your physician before starting any workout regimen.

My day job is as an Office Manager at my Small Town Newspaper.  As with any office/cubicle job, I sit a lot during the day.  All that sitting, typing and staring at a computer can really wear on my body.  If I’m not careful I can go hours before getting up and that is no good for my body.  As I’ve previously written, I love Yoga.  There is nothing that is better than an hour long yoga session to stretch, breath and focus.  Unfortunately, with my crazy schedule, it’s not very often that I get to squeeze in these luxurious one-hour sessions.  To keep my muscles loose and to ensure that I’m moving on a regular basis I like to do mini yoga sessions while at the office.

The following list is my 5 favorite moves that can easily be done at the office.  So get up, get loose and enjoy a mini stretch session!  Not only will it feel great but it’s a great pick-me-up during those mid-afternoon slumps!  Hold each pose for 3-5 deep, in and out breaths.  Your body will thank you for it.

  •  Chair Cat & Cow-Sitting at a desk chair all day wrecks havoc on your posture.  This move can be done quickly and from your office chair.  Sit in a chair with spine stretched and feet flat on the floor.  Inhale, arch your back, look up, and push your shoulders back.  This is cow pose.  Exhale and roll your shoulders forward, and look downwards.  This is cat pose.  Repeat for five breaths.


  • Seated Pigeon with a Twist-Pigeon is one of my favorite yoga poses because it opens up my tight hips and when you sit all day you’re bound to have tight hips.  The twist is an added bonus that stretches your neck, shoulders & spine.


  • Office Chair Down Dog-Down Dog is a great full body stretch.  Using your chair or desk gives you added resistance for stretching.  This stretches your chest, shoulders, spine and hamstrings.


  • Side Stretch-I love a good side stretch.  Once completed I feel more open and awake.  It stretches from the top of my hips all the way up my side


  • Chair Eagle Pose-This one feels AMAZING on my shoulders and neck and also stretches my wrists.  It also strengthens your legs.

Bonus: Sun Breaths-These are super energizing and will definitely help you get through the last half of your day.  With your right hand, fold your index and middle finger down until they touch your palm.  Using your ring and pinky fingers, close off your left nostril.  Take a deep breath through your right nostril, then pinch your right nostril closed with your thumb.  Take a long exhale through your left nostril.  Repeat the pattern of breathing for 2-3 minutes.
There you have it, my 5 favorite yoga poses that you can do while at the office!  After you complete these get up and walk a little bit because you shouldn’t sit all day!  Now you’re ready to make it through the rest of your work day!

How did you feel after completing these poses?



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