Coffee, Concealer & Sunglasses. This Is What Tired Moms Are Made Of.

I’m tired.  Everyone expects the exhaustion that accompanies being a new mom with an infant but no one tells you that the exhaustion carries over into the subsequent years.  I have been in a permanent state of tired for almost five years now.  It hasn’t been a constant stream of exhausted I guess, there are the rare days when I feel half way normal but mostly, I’m exhausted.  Being a mom is exhausting because you aren’t just ensuring that your child(ren) is/are taken care of, you have to make sure that everyone’s life is running smoothly.  That’s freaking exhausting!

Coffee, Concealer & Sunglasses.  This Is What Tired Moms Are Made Of.

What are your tired mom lifesavers. I'm sharing my three essentials for being a part of the Exhausted Moms Tribe.

Every stage of your child’s life comes with new challenges and new energy suckers.  When they’re infants there is the lack of sleep, middle of the night feedings and their complete dependence on you.  As they grow into the one to three-year-old years there is continued teething, nighttime fears and their belief that no one but you can help them with pretty much anything, ever.  Then you move into the fours, that’s where I am now but quickly approaching the 5-year mark.

This stage has certainly lent some freedom for me as Addie has become more independent.  However, now she is waking in the middle of the night again because she is recognizing when she has gone to the bathroom in her pull-ups and wants to go to the bathroom.  She’s in preschool now too and is involved in a couple of activities and has to go to daycare.  I’m also exhausted because she’s not only waking in the middle of the night again to go to the bathroom but she’s trying to sneak middle of the night cuddles too.  I’m also getting up extra early to ensure that I can get everything taken care of before she and I have to get ready for our respective days.  I’m juggling her schedule, my husband’s and mine and I don’t stop until about 10 pm each evening when I can fall back into bed.

Parenting at every stage is exhausting to some level.  Why doesn’t someone tell you that?  There certainly is no handbook for this whole parenting thing, though the bookstores and Internet are laden with advice on “how to do it right”.   I certainly have found myself scouring the Internet looking for advice or at the very least a group of moms who gets it so I don’t feel alone in my exhausted state.  When I see a social media post about an exhausted mom who has been up all night with a fussy child and she’s thanking the Coffee Gods for her mug of lukewarm to chilled coffee I feel connected to her at that moment.  As moms, we are all connected by our never-ending exhaustion.  We are the Exhausted Moms Tribe and we are many.

Coffee, Concealer, and Sunglasses are my tired mom lifesavers. What are yours?

Mom Lifesavers

If it weren’t for coffee each morning to jolt me awake, concealer to hide the dark circles under my eyes and sunglasses for the days when the coffee and concealer just aren’t cutting it I don’t know what I would do.  They are my mom lifesavers.  I know it won’t always be like this, one day, probably much sooner than I will like, my daughter won’t need me for everything anymore and I’ll crave these days.  What I won’t crave though is the exhaustion.  I will cherish and miss the giggles, the endless joy and wonder in her eyes and her little hand in mine but not the exhaustion.  Those days aren’t here yet, though, and I’m exhausted, so I’m off to down another cup of coffee and touch up my concealer.  Has anyone seen my sunglasses?

What are your mommy lifesavers?  Come join me on my Cookie Crumbs Facebook Page and lets build our own Exhausted Moms Tribe!


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