A Little Something To Share

Good Morning Everyone!  I had to write today to talk to you about Geraldine at Over Heaven’s Hill.  I stumbled upon Geraldine’s blog shortly after I created Cookie Crumbs and I was immediately hooked.  Her line, “becoming the new me through parenting” sums it up perfectly.  When you become a mom for the first time there is a huge adjustment period where you have to figure out who this woman is staring at you in the mirror.  I love Geraldine’s Writing Corner where she features her Sunday Sit Downs.  Here she shares her own creative writing and I love it.  For a little mommy escape join her each Sunday for these wonderful creations of hers.  My latest favorite is “Let’s Face It. You’re A Mommy Blogger“, check it out!  I had the honor of being included in Geraldine’s “In Conversation With” Series this week, check out the post here.


I am so honored and grateful to have gotten the chance to know Geraldine and to have her feature me and my little blog in her series.  Her writing is relatable and captivating and she is a genuinely nice person.  Check out Over Heaven’s Hill and follow Geraldine on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+, and Linkedin.  Don’t forget to check out our Conversation!



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My name is Tasha and I am a 30-something Wife, Full-Time Working Mom, Midwest Girl, Blogger and lover of coffee, fashion, books, chocolate & yoga. My family and I live in Small Town, Iowa, where I was born and raised. Cookie Crumbs was launched as a way to express my creative needs and to share my journey as we navigate our new life in Iowa as a little family of three.

3 thoughts on “A Little Something To Share

  1. It’s funny that, having raised my kids and now being the grandmother (Bam) of eight I really enjoy reading blogs about parenting. They bring back memories and also help remind me of being a parent so I can be a better Bam.

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