Weekly Review: My 4 Favorite Ways to Fuel My Love of Books

Hey everyone and welcome to this week’s Weekly Review! This week is slightly different because I am saddened to say that I fell behind on my reading.  With my return to work, my daughter starting school and my bout with the Common Cold, aka The Death Plague, I was not able to make the time I would have liked to finish the book I’m currently reading.  As a result, I thought I would share my 4 favorite ways to obtain the books that I read.  I promise, next week, I will have a brand new review ready for you.  Until then, enjoy my favorite ways I obtain the books I read.

  1. Amazon Kindle: I love my Kindle Fire.  It is compact and convenient and even if I forget my Kindle Fire, I have the app on my phone so I’m always ready with a book.  This is great when I’m sitting in a waiting room or at night when everyone else has gone to sleep.  The Kindle allows me to still read during those unexpected moments of time when I didn’t bring a book or at night when the lights need to be out.  I have quite a few books on my Kindle waiting for me to read so I just pull one up and I’m off!
  2. Audible for AmazonI’ve spoken about Audible before but it’s worth sharing again.  Audible is the busy mom’s best friend when it comes to literature.  Without Audible I would not be able to enjoy as many books as I do because let’s face it, moms, we aren’t rolling in loads of free time.  With Audible I can put it on while Addie is napping or otherwise occupied and still get the chores around the house done.  There is also the added element that a novel has when the narrator is incredibly captivating.  I definitely read the reviews on the Audible versions closely to ensure that the narrator gets top reviews before I purchase.
  3. Amazon:  Amazon is the place I go when I’ve read a book that I just have to physically own.  This could be a book I’ve already read and now want my own copy or a book that just doesn’t lend itself to any other version than the physical book.  Amazon is my go to place when purchasing books that I want to own.  With my Prime membership, I get free 2-day shipping so the wait time is next to nothing.
  4. The Library:  I love the library.  When I go in there I have to force myself to check out one book at a time because otherwise, I’ll walk out with an arm full of books I’ve just got to read.  Not only is the library free but so many of them participate in library share programs now so even if your library doesn’t have a book you want to read, it’s likely that they can get it from another library for you to borrow.  I check out the library when there is a new book I’m just dying to read but am not quite ready to commit to purchasing it yet.  Sometimes I go in and just grab a book and check it out.  Sometimes I wind up with some pretty awesome books that I might have otherwise not read.  If you don’t use your library you should, asap.

I love reading and I usually have at least 2, if not more books going at the same time.  I can’t help it, I get so excited about different books that I can’t wait to start them.  Depending on what my schedule is like I might have a physical book, an Audible and a Kindle book all going so that I can have access to a book, no matter what I’m doing.

What is your favorite way to enjoy a book?


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11 thoughts on “Weekly Review: My 4 Favorite Ways to Fuel My Love of Books

  1. Love this post! I struggle to read books on a kindle. I mean the convenience would be amazing but nothing can compare to having a physical book in your hands to read.


    1. I agree, if I can manage it I will always opt for the physical book. I love the smell of books, weird? Lol I do love the convenience factor of the kindle and audible though for when my schedule is jam packed. Thanks for the follow!


  2. One of my favorites is the library. I actually used to work at a library. I don’t go to them as often anymore because I’m prone to start putting things in order if they are out of order. I’m not looking into working at one anymore but I still support and encourage others to visit them. I’ve had a Nook Simple Touch for 4 years now and I like using that to read. Since I don’t go to the library much anymore I do use a website that provides the library with downloadable content like mp3 audiobooks and e-books.


      1. Yes, the library is a magical place. I’ve considered Audible but I’m saving money at the moment so perhaps one day. Audio books are my go-to for reading though. Good post by the way and happy to share.

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