Nine Years Of Marriage. Our Love Story

As I’ve mentioned previously,  I’m married to my college sweetheart, Matt.  Today marks our 9-year wedding anniversary and 12 years together, so in honor of that, I wanted to share our story.  I always love sharing this story, and can’t wait to tell it to Addie one day because, to me, our start is a bit comical.  We met in college, he was a frat boy and I was a sorority girl.

Nine Years of Marriage. Our Love Story

Twelve in a half years ago I met the man of my dreams. I'm sharing our love story on the blog!

We were babies!

We met in 2003, his fraternity house, and my sorority house was next to each other.  My sorority sister and I were invited to a Fight Night by his friend and fraternity brother.  It is exactly as it sounds people, we were going to watch a bunch of people beat each other up.   After we arrived the guys, including the one who had invited us, scurried inside and left us standing in the parking lot thinking, “where the hell are we?”.  Matt was the only one who stayed behind and recognizing that we were a bit nervous he put his arms around our shoulders and escorted us in.  What a chivalrous guy, right?

I remember the night I knew I wanted to date him like it was yesterday.  My girlfriends and I were hanging out in our sorority house.  My friend and I mentioned that we hoped that Matt and his buddy would stop by after they returned from the away football game Matt was playing in.  We went about our Saturday night festivities and when Matt and his friend showed up in the doorway I was so giddy with happiness I just knew I had to date this guy.   By October of that same school year, we were a couple.

Two moves, Infertility, lots of laughter and tears and nine years of marriage. I'm sharing our love story on the blog!

The night I realized I wanted to marry him was a few months later.  I was sleeping over in his room and couldn’t sleep because it was a frat house and it was the weekend, enough said I hope.  Anyway, I sat up not being able to sleep and Matt rolled over and laid his head on my chest as he slept.  As I sat there, running my fingers through his hair I suddenly thought, “I’m going to marry this guy”.  I didn’t tell him that anytime soon of course because I wasn’t going to be the crazy girl who professed she wanted to marry a guy after just a few months of dating.

Fast forward to Matt graduating from college in 2006, I had already been out a year since I am two years older than him, and our stuff was packed so that we could move to Matt’s hometown in New York.  At this point, I had been hoping that we would have already been engaged but hadn’t actually said anything.  I had made the decision that I would pick up and move with him.  I wanted to be with him and I knew we would get married, I just didn’t know when.  We made that move and it was probably one of the toughest times I had gone through in quite some time.  I had left my home and family and starting out as college graduates we weren’t exactly rolling in the money.  Needless to say, I was going through an adjustment period.

The day we moved into our very un-glamorous first place together! I'm sharing our love story on Cookie Crumbs!

Our first place together was less than glamorous.

In October 2006, just five months after we moved to NY and the night before my birthday, I was sitting at our dining room table taking care of our bills and getting depressed about the state of our bank account.  Matt walked over and said he wanted to give me my birthday present.  Me, being a brat, said, “well then what are you going to give me tomorrow?”  He told me to open it and handed me my gift.  I opened the present and pulled out a “Birthday Girl” Willow Tree figurine.  As I pulled out the figurine I realized that something was dangling off of her arm.  I stared at a ring hanging there, in shock and yelled, “what are you doing?!” and when I looked over he was on one knee.  I honestly don’t remember what he said but when he asked me to be his wife, I said yes, of course!

Nine months later, in August of 2007 we were married in my hometown in Iowa.  It was a typical Midwest Summer day, hot and humid.  When I say hot and humid I mean you were breathing water it was so humid.  Clearly, I had forgotten what Midwest Summer’s were like when we picked our date because I had a ball gown wedding dress with an extra tulle skirt on underneath my dress.  Thank goodness we at least had the wedding inside because I might have passed out otherwise.  Aside from that, though, it was a wonderful day and one of the happiest days of my life.

Our wedding day was one of the happiest days of my life I'm sharing our love story on the blog!

Nine years, many laughs and tears, one beautiful little girl and another huge move later and he is still the only man, I’m convinced, that could put up with my neurosis, impatience, and control freak tendencies.  I need his calm, kindness and patience to even me out.  Have you ever seen the sitcom, King of Queens?  Those two remind me of Matt and me, though I would like to think I’m not quite as bad as Leah Remini’s character. lol

At the end of the day, he’s my safe place to fall, no matter what we’re going through and I can’t wait to spend many more years with this man.  As we embark on our 10th year of marriage I can’t wait to see what the coming years bring.

What do you love most about your relationship and how has it changed over the years?


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