Trusting In Yourself and Your Path

When you stop trying to control your path and it's outcome, and just trust in God's plan for you amazing things can happen. Pin Now and Read Later!

I thought I would take advantage of a moment of reprieve and share a bit about how my journey over the past year and a half has really affected me and opened my eyes. Needless to say, things did not go as my husband and I pictured them going. I really struggled with that for a while but then I realized that God hadn’t abandoned me, he was giving me the shove I needed to get on the right path.

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Weekend Recap: Our Mini Staycation

Mondays at Cookie Crumbs means Weekend Recap! In the latest installment I'm talking staycations and family time!

Thank goodness we had our mini staycation so I could be rested up for the week that followed! So per tradition, albeit late, Mondays at Cookie Crumbs is Weekend Recap Time!

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